What about your foie gras, Gordon?

Published: 01/17/2011
Publication: The Sun


GORDON Ramsay has been blasted for criticising "cruel" shark's fin soup - while still selling controversial foie gras.

The chef, 44 carpeted fishermen for slaughtering shark solely to use their fins.


Gordon Ramsay
Accused ... Gordon Ramsay


He forced several Chinese restaurants to stop selling the soup in his Channel 4 programme Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait on Sunday.

He had shown bosses horrifying footage of fins being hacked from a live shark. But critics said that foie gras - which sees geese and ducks force-fed to artificially enlarge their livers - is still on sale in Ramsay's restaurants. A spokeswoman for animal rights campaigners PETA said: "While Ramsay has animal welfare on his mind, we'd ask that he looks a bit closer to home."

Viewers also flocked to Twitter to accuse the star of hypocrisy. Bob O'Driscoll called foie gras "the worst form of cruelty to animals". Ramsay, who sells the dish at diners including his flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London, declined to comment.

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