Ricky Gervais gets serious over Fortnums foie gras

Published: 06/22/2011
Publication: Eleven


Ricky Gervais PETA

We're used to Ricky Gervais having a pop at his fellow celebs without so much as a hint of regret.

But the funnyman is deadly serious when it comes to animal rights and, as a PETA supporter, has slammed posh grocery store Fortnum and Mason for flogging foie gras.

The comedian penned a letter to Fortnum's head Beverley Aspinall, calling for the store to stop selling the controversial delicacy.

He wrote: "I have been a customer of your store for many years and I consider it a great British institution. I am however, saddened to hear that despite the extremely unethical processes involved in obtaining it, you continue to stock foie gras."

Slamming the procurement of foie gras as a "very cruel method", Gervais explained: "The goose is continually overfed through a large pipe, which is forced down its throat.

"This causes the defenceless animal's liver to swell to several times its normal size."

Ricky ended his letter by urging the store to "reconsider" selling the product in a bid to put an end to the "unnecessary torture".

Take note Ricky's showbiz pals - if you're shopping for his upcoming 50th birthday, Fortnum & Mason's is best avoided.

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