Foie gras removed from upcoming Cambridge food benefit after activists protest

Published: 11/29/2010
Publication: Wicked Local Cambridge

Cambridge--Foie gras items will be scrapped from the menu of a food benefit in Cambridge on Wednesday after an animal rights group protested on grounds of animal cruelty.

On Dec. 1, Bambara Restaurant will host acclaimed New York farm Hudson Valley Foie Gras, for the first annual “Duck, Duck, Goose” event at Hotel Marlowe to celebrate the age-old tradition of the holiday goose to benefit Lovin’ Spoonfuls, a new food rescue organization.

Bryan Pease from the Animal Protection and Rescue League who has been picketing foie gras events and restaurants around the country and pledged to "be there with banners and signs displaying the graphic cruelty we have documented inside HVFG," according to an emailed letter.

Pease said that foie gras involves a cruel process that he has witnessed at the farm and that HVFG is also "notorious for abusing their migrant workers."

While I applaud your mission of providing fresh, healthy food to those in need, I question the fundraiser you will hold on Dec. 1 featuring Hudson Valley Foie Gras," he wrote in email to Lovin’ Spoonfuls.

"Foie gras is always made by ramming large metal pipes down the throats of ducks and pumping them full of massive quantities of food to grossly enlarge their livers," he said pointed to a video online where he has documented the practice.

"Featuring HVFG at a fundraiser to benefit a food rescue organization is hypocritical and sends the wrong message, namely that it is ok to torture animals, abuse workers, and waste food (by force feeding animals to feast on their bloated livers), in the name of charity," Pease added.

Event organizers confirmed Monday that the two foie gras items have been removed off the Wednesday menu and will be replaced by other duck or goose dishes.

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