Ban on Foie Gras Stepped Up

Published: 12/08/2011
Publication: Bath Chronicle
A ban on the serving of foie gras in council buildings in the Bath area is to continue.
The pressure group Viva! is keen to get the food banned because it says it is produced through the cruel force-feeding of ducks or geese.
Bath and North East Somerset Council does not allow the serving of foie gras at buildings such as the Guildhall and Assembly Rooms, which are used for weddings, dinners and parties.
Viva! and Bath Animal Action recently presented a petition signed by 1,890 people to the council urging it to keep up the ban.
Council leader Councillor Paul Crossley has told the campaigners that the ban will stay in force.
"Much of the industry is simply torture in a tin, for the ducks are force-fed vast quantities of food through a metal tube so that their livers swell up to ten times their natural size. This is cruel, inhumane, and the so-called delicacy has no place in the council's current or future food sales."
The council will also put a clause in future leases on the commercial premises it rents out in the city centre, stipulating that foie gras should not be served, but it cannot impose this rule retrospectively.
Megan Lebasci, from Bath Animal Action, said: "We are really pleased the council has proved to be forward-thinking on ethical and animal cruelty concerns regarding the sale of foie gras in its premises."
Viva! campaigns director Justin Kerswell added: "Viva! were delighted to support Bath Animal Action on such an important campaign. Well done also to Bath for being the first authority in the region to make this ruling. I hope other local authorities look to follow their example."
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