Animal activists claim victory at Four Seasons Maui

Published: 04/27/2011
Publication: USA Today


By Barbara De Lollis, USA TODAY

By Barbara De Lollis

The Four Seasons Resort in Mauiremoved foie gras from the menu of a $350-a-plate dinner after being pressured by animal rights activist, the UK's Independent reports.

The move marks the latest victory for a campaign to ban the French delicacy around the world, the story says.

It's currently banned in 15 countries, but it's still a staple in fancy hotel restaurants and other fine dining venues.

At the Four Seasons hotel, the first course of the four-course Opus One Wine dinner was supposed to start with Hudson Valley foie gras with aged port wine-mole syrup, organic apple hash and vanilla-honey infused parsnip ice cream. The dinner is set for May 6.

In this particular case, the Animal Protection & Rescue League (APRL) cranked up the pressure, the Independent reports.

The APRL and other groups have been focusing their efforts on expensive hotel restaurants, celebrity chefs and even supermarkets. The story gives the following examples:


  • Celebrity chefs Wolfgang Puck and Charlie Trotter already refrain from putting foie gras on their menu.
  •  Whole Foods and Costco have stopped selling it.
  •  Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzengger enacted a ban at the urging of celebrities such as Paul McCartney. The ban goes into effect next summer.


Foie gras is made by "force-feeding ducks and geese through feeding tubes in order to create a fatty liver 10 times its normal size," the story says. Read the Independent and other sources for more information about the process.

Readers: Where do you stand on the foie gras issue?


Posted Apr 27 2011 8:40AM

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