Restaurants reject foie gras


Below: Animal Protection & Rescue League co-founders Kath Rogers and Bryan Pease, California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom (then San Francisco mayor), and Compassion Over Killing campaigns coordinator Christina Tacoronti, shortly before Newsom signed a resolution of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors commending restaurants for removing foie gras in 2009. The Plumpjack Group, owned by Newsom's family, then removed foie gras as well.

APRL cofounders with Gavin Newsom

Wolfgang Puck not only removed foie gras, but implemented an animal welfare plan for all of his restaurants.

Chef Judd Canepari of El Bizcocho at the Rancho Bernardo Inn decided to go all out after removing foie gras and hosted a six course vegan meal! Skip to 3:15 in the below video to see him explain how he went from being challenged on foie gras to trying this very successful experiment:

Hundreds of restaurants around the world have stopped serving foie gras because of its inherent cruelty. Nationwide retailers such as Whole Foods, and Aramark have also banned foie gras.


“After thoughtful and lengthy consideration, Le Pommier has decided not to sell foie gras in our establishment and to make the pledge not to sell foie gras in the future. However, as you are well aware, the climate and understanding of animal rights and inhumane food practices is changing.  We are aware of the efforts around the world to make the sale and production of foie gras illegal. For this reason, we have reassessed our position.”

Richard Bjork
House Manager, Le Pommier
In a letter to Pittsburgh Voices for Animals

"I've developed a recipe where I have the same kind of texture of foie gras without killing any animals, and any abuse's delicious, if you serve that on toasted bread, it's actually better than foie gras."

Alex Gauthier
Owner, Gauthier Soho

“After our Valentine’s Day menu was reviewed in Newsday, we were contacted by a reader who sent us your information on what goes on during foie gras production. I had no idea. It bothered me so much we decided to remove foie gras from our menu right away.”

Ron Hoffman, owner
Bliss Restaurant
E. Setauket, N.Y.

“I made a huge mistake in saying we serve foie gras. I don't serve foie gras and never would because of the reasons you mentioned in your letter.”

Roger Moore, chef
Dodgers Stadium Dugout Club Restaurant